CRFPS Pro-Vocatie
CRFPS is a vocational training and evaluation skills centre working for the promotion of equal opportunities and the development of entrepreneurship. It particularly supports entrepreneurs in the sector of social economy. Currently, the CRFPS is implementing strategic tools to improve the situation of vulnerable groups in rural areas - support for training and entrepreneurial skills in the direction of people outside the labour market in rural areas, notably young unemployed people. The centre welcomes annually for these formations about 2000 beneficiaries. It benefits from a recognized expertise in the field of entrepreneurship which gives it an important role in this project.
Promidea is a Social Cooperative engaged for twenty years in planning and providing services for people at risk of marginalization. The agency is qualified for vocational training courses (superior training, training for completion of compulsory schooling; continuing training and retraining - Quality Certification Sector 37); Guidance and placement services especially trough managing of work experiences programs, internship and apprenticeship pathways; Counselling and mentoring tools and methodologies to improve professional inclusion; advisory on start up of social enterprises and technical assistance on planning and managing of Structural funds
Petra Patrimonia Corsica
“La coopérative Petra Patrimonia Corse” (PPC) provides business support program in direction of unemployed people in general and notably in direction of youth willing to create an economic activity. It aims to promote the economic initiative by allowing project managers to create business scale testing the economic feasibility of their project while learning responsibility for their own activity and to better understand the functions of the entrepreneurs in real situations.
This social and economic innovation ensures reversibility and easy access to business creation.
T.R. Governorship of Kocaeli
Bureau for EU& Foreign Affairs
Bureau for EU and Foreign Affairs (BEUFA) is the sub-unit of the Governorship of Kocaeli which is responsible for developing and implementing socio-cultural and educational projects on behalf of the Governorship. The Bureau was founded in 2004 under responsibility of Governorship of Kocaeli in order to accelerate Turkey’s accession and to enable the province to get full benefit from EU programs. On the local network consists of Universities, National Directorate of Education Kocaeli province, Metropolitan Municipality, NGO’s and all the other institutions and all these organizations/institutions are under the scope of the Governorship. BEUFA also provides consultancy services and information within the framework of EU programmes.
Red2Red Consultores, S.L.
R2R is a private company founded in 2000 with the aim of being specialized in public policies, providing quality and sustainable services to public sector and achieving a higher-quality life for citizens. Counting with a team of experts in public policies and sustainability, Red2Red provides services to numerous local and regional administrations, the General Government Administration, the European Institutions and several multilateral organizations in the following fields: institutional strengthening, employment, training, social affairs, inclusive, sustainable and rural development, environment, regional policies, EU Funds, gender equality, gender based violence, disadvantage groups (migration, ethnic origin, Roma, people with disabilities, etc.).
Agentúra RRI
Agentúra RRI , s. r. o. is a  limited liability small company, established in 2005 by a French and a Slovakian project leaders. RRI undertake actions in several areas  and notably in the professional  training field. The training department aims  to promote entrepreneurship providing trainings and supporting disadvantaged people in order to facilitate their inclusion on the labor market.
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